A Day’s Rantings and Such…

😦 I just don’t feel well today. The allergies are flaring up making me achy, giving me a sore throat, and a general ick like feeling. Today is the big “weigh in” day (always Thursdays) and I think I’ve done pretty well this past week. I have eaten decently, exercised but today I am starving…probablyContinue reading “A Day’s Rantings and Such…”

The Difference Between 13 & 15 Year Old Boys

13 and 15…two years…doesn’t seem like much unless you’re a teenage boy. They are sooo different, of course they always have been due to their personalities and such but these stages in their lives are definitely at different ends of the spectrum. My oldest son, Christian, is 15 years old and he has a bonafideContinue reading “The Difference Between 13 & 15 Year Old Boys”