One Year and Counting

It was a night like this…ok, it’s not night time but lean in and I will tell you a story.

One year ago today… It was a night like tonight may be, cold and dark. We had just left the prison in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. We pulled in to a dimly lit, shady looking gas station not far away and parked next to a truck that was idling near the pumps under the lights. We stepped out of our vehicle as did she. She was holding a tiny, trembling puppy dog named Timmy. You read that right, Timmy, oy. James had already made up his mind that he wanted to name him Buddy (cuz he was gonna be his buddy, by golly) and because he didn’t want to be out somewhere calling for a Timmy, lol. I wanted to name him Mr. T but I lost that battle. I digress.

We weren’t expecting him to be so small but decided we would take him home anyway. Earlier in the day we stopped at PetSmart and purchased a dog bed, James thought we should’ve maybe gotten a bigger one but…lol, it’s a good thing we didn’t!

This picture is right after we picked him up, his ribs and hip bones were sticking out and he was shaking like crazy.

He sat on my lap for the ride home, whimpering and occasionally licking my hand which I saw as a good sign. We pulled into another gas station down the road and let him out to go potty. To my pleasant surprise, he went! We got home and went to bed, since we didn’t have a crate for him yet we sat him at the end of our bed and turned out the lights. A pitiful little howl came from his doggy lips, it really was sad. I reached down and petted him for a minute and he stopped and he has never howled since. I always say this is why he became so attached to me, I comforted him in his darkest hour, ha.

He followed me everywhere and still does most of the time. There was a time when he wouldn’t eat unless I was in the room, he’s getting better about that, probably because he gets hungry 🙂

He loves his toys, it is comical. If we say “wanna go bye bye”, he will run and get a toy and wait by the door. He doesn’t like baths, he’s scared of other dogs and acts like he can take them (bad idea) and he doesn’t like the hard treats from the bank.

Buddy meets Faye. She thought he ought to be licking her but he just isn’t a licker.

He sleeps funny and does silly things, he makes me laugh. And…he likes the cat.

One year with this little guy and hopefully, many many more.

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