I Will Sing

“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live.” Psalm 104:33

“My heart is confident, God; I will sing; I will sing praises with the whole of my being.” Psalm 108:1

“My tongue sings about your promise, for all your commands are righteous.” Psalm 119:172

“I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing to my God as long as I live.” Psalm 146:2

“Hallelujah! How good it is to sing to our God, for praise is pleasant and lovely.” Psalm 147:1

“Hallelujah! Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the faithful.” Psalm 149:1

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and they will trust in the Lord.” Psalm 40:3

“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1

“Sing the Glory of His Name; give to Him glorious praise!” Psalm 66:2

“My lips will shout for joy, when I sing praises to you, my soul also, which you have redeemed.” Psalm 71:23

“My heart is confident, God, my heart is confident. I will sing; I will sing praises.” Psalm 37:7

“For this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations, and sing to your name.” Psalm 18:49

Singing with my boys on Mother’s Day 2020 – “The Holy One”

“I will sing to the Lord because he has treated me generously.” Psalm 13:6

“Then my head will be high above my enemies around me; I will offer sacrifices in his tent with shouts of joy. I will sing and make music to the Lord.” Psalm 27:6

“I will praise God’s name with song and exalt him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30

“I will sing about the Lord’s faithful love forever; I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations with my mouth.” Psalm 89:1

“Therefore I will give thanks to you among the nations, Lord; I will sing praises about your name.” 2 Samuel 22:50

“Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises!” Psalm 47:6

One of my first songs “Sing for the King” has the scripture from Psalm 47:6. He is the reason I sing.

There are so many scriptures about singing about and to the Lord, even more than the ones listed above and this should cause our hearts to sing because He is so worthy of our praise, of us lifting our voices to Him! There is never an occasion that does not constitute His worthiness of praise and adoration, even in the most difficult of circumstances, even in crazy 2020. Things have definitely changed all around us, especially in my life but through it all, I still will sing.

I will sing in the new places He has given me – my sweet little church, in parks, festivals, revivals, youth rallies, in Africa soon; I will sing to and with my precious granddaughter, I will sing when my heart is breaking and when my heart is joyful…I will sing. Even when my life, the path, directions, and situations change – I know I am called to sing for Him, to sing for the King of Kings. I have included two blog posts from my old blog (crazychristianchic.blogspot.com) regarding this calling on my life to sing. It is good to look back and see how God has molded me and continues to mold me into the person He has called me to be, how He has grown my gifts to be used for Him and His Kingdom and how He is using me for His Glory.

Use me Lord, for Your Kingdom and Glory. I will sing for You.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sing for the King

I know my calling….to sing for my King.  Let’s go back a few years…

My musical interests revolved around playing the piano and the saxophone.  I begged my parents for piano lessons when I was in 6th grade and they said yes.  My lessons were $4 a week and I walked to them every week for a year and a half.  We moved after my 7th grade year and had to leave my piano and my lessons behind.  I played the saxophone from 7th grade on and I loved it.  Even when I started singing in high school the saxophone was my first love.

I didn’t begin singing until I was around 15 years old, I hadn’t thought about singing.  I loved my saxophone, remember?  A year or so after “the move”, we began attending a little country church…they had a youth choir.  They asked my sister and I if we would like to join and we said why not.  My sister sang in glee club at our former school but I had only been interested in playing instruments.  Much to my surprise and everyone else’s, I was a decent singer, who knew?  And…I wasn’t too shy to sing in front of people, another who knew?  The first solo I ever sang at my church was by Petra “The Prayer”, I would sing with tapes or CDs or acapella if need be.  I sang a duet with a friend at youth church camp the Summer after my freshman year, I was in the high school choirs my Junior and Senior year, I sang at revivals at various churches, in people’s living rooms, I would sing whenever anyone asked, anytime, anywhere.

This continued through my adult life, singing in my college show choir, singing at church, cantatas, special events in my or other communities, youth conferences, stupid talent shows…sing, sing, sing. In 2003, I recorded a “demo” CD with 6 songs to tracks, I never really did much with it but was grateful for the opportunity and experience to make it.  Once in a while someone asks me about a CD and I get a little embarrassed, I don’t know…I really don’t think of myself as a big deal and don’t want to either, even typing this makes me a little uncomfortable because all this is not about me, it’s all about my Jesus and the journey He has led me through. 

I did a few concerts at various churches after that which was a great learning experience as well.  And eventually I ended up on a worship team at my church…

All the events leading up to now are important and played a role in my life but the last couple of years have been a whirlwind of not only musical growth but more importantly spiritual growth.  In the Fall of 2010, I began singing on the worship team at my church, I led a few of the songs for Sunday morning worship and gained some knowledge on what it was like to sing with a live band instead of CDs or the typical church piano.  Then in 2013, due to various circumstances, there was a need for an interim Worship leader and I seized the opportunity.  It was also at this point that I began singing on Monday nights as well at our Celebrate Recovery meetings, another blessed experience and opportunity.  The CR worship leader was a big support and contributed about as much as I did to the Sunday morning process.  I can’t say that I was great at it because I wasn’t but it was an eye opening experience and I am thankful for every minute of it.  It taught me a lot about all the work that goes in behind the scenes that nobody sees or notices on Sunday mornings and what kind of leader I was and need to be.  Another first during this time…Prison Concerts, the CR worship team took their first concert to prison, it was awesome and we were hooked. Along with that…I began playing the keyboard, I played for a couple songs during the prison concert and a couple times at CR and the very last Sunday morning that I led the music.  I was not very good, I just chorded mostly but it put me on a path to things I had only dreamed of.

Five months later we hired a worship pastor, he was wise and gracious and an incredible leader, musically and spiritually.  He has taught me a lot about music and worship and has been continually guiding and teaching me to be a better worship leader.  I now play keys most Sunday mornings and every Monday night and the craziest part…I’m singing too. That has always been a challenge for me, to sing and play at the same time and I’m still working on it, but I can play for myself and have on several occasions now for revivals or our worship services and the occasional funeral.  But the most important life-changing part is the work God has done in my heart.  I have a renewed sense of awe and wonder about Him, He has given me a freedom to worship Him like I never had before…what an amazing King I serve.  I am humbled by His majesty, undeserving of His mercy and grace, and completely surrounded by His love and presence every day.  And I can’t wait to see what’s next…

Saturday, February 11, 2017

To You, O Lord, I Will Make Music

The Lord placed music in my heart and life when I was a child.  I remember singing songs to Jesus at night as a little girl, I don’t recall having a good voice or a bad one…it didn’t matter, I just sang.  I begged my parents for piano lessons in 6th grade, I played the saxophone in jr high and eventually started singing in high school (which was ironically the biggest surprise to me and everyone around me).  God gave me the gift of music, even more so…being decent at it.  I realized early on that this was indeed a gift from Him alone and I vowed always to use it for Him and for His glory.  I jumped at every opportunity presented to me to sing, be it the national anthem at various events/causes, a church special, a school assembly, funerals, weddings, so many occasions…all for Jesus.  And yes, I sang about Jesus at school assemblies, God makes those things happen, ya know.  I’ve been singing for over 26 years now, mostly in church which I love!  I love singing and worshiping with God’s people, my sweet church family.  I have been content in this for a long time but just a few short years ago felt God prompting me to more, to step out and share Jesus through song with more people, in more places.  And I said yes… God is equipping me to progress as a worship leader and is opening doors for me to use this precious calling.  I am humbled and honored to serve Him in this way.  I GET to lead others in worshiping Jesus, in singing praises to Him…sometimes in a room full of boisterous men singing at the top of their lungs, tears streaming down their faces, running to the altar…and other times stillness, quiet, reverent singing, joy filled faces, or no words.  What a privilege.  I am content in this…and why shouldn’t I be?

God is calling me to more, I’m writing songs, leading worship at conferences, conventions, and more.  I have the opportunity to record my first original album and I know I’m supposed to do it.  Honestly, I could lead my songs in prisons and other venues and not think another thing about it.  But I know I’m called to this too, men in prison, others at other events have asked for my songs and I have nothing to give them and it breaks my heart.  I will not squander this gift of songwriting and singing, if my meager attempt at songwriting brings others into a greater understanding of who Jesus is then I have to share it.  I do not desire a big stage, a record deal, a music career…I just want to be obedient to my calling to lead others in the worship of the Lord through song.

“To you, O Lord, I will make music.” Psalm 101:1b

Sing for the King,


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