Book Club

I have issues…I have lots and lots of books, I read lots of books but I buy lots of “oooo, that sounds so good” books. I am creating this Book Club to ‘in-a-way’ force myself to read the books I own before I purchase any more. Ahem, sure… okay, okay, I will probably buy more but I do need to read the ones I already have and what better way than with others who love to read. The majority of the books I have are nonfiction – christian books that inspire, encourage, teach, and help us grow closer to Jesus. There will occasionally be a fiction book offered, currently there is one on the Book Club page by Francine Rivers. There are 9 books on the Book Club page, the page will continually be updated once a book is completed. Maybe you already have some of the first nine books listed and haven’t read them yourself or perhaps you’ve always wanted to read ______________ but just haven’t made the time. Feel free to read all the books, a few, or even just one. Check out the Book Club page and read about each title, they are all unique. Most books will be allotted one month to read and then we will come together for discussion either in person or via Zoom.

There are links to Amazon for purchasing books on each book’s page and one book is even FREE on its website, but please purchase where you choose. If you would like to join in or learn more click here > Book Club! The first book starts July 1st!

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