Get Out of Your Head ~ Week 1

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

It’s finally time to begin! I am incorporating the book and the Bible Study so even if you have one or the other you are going to get as much material and resources as I can throw at you, all for your benefit! And do not worry if you only have the book or only have the Bible Study, pour yourself into whatever you have at your fingertips.

Let me tell you that this can change your life, that God wants to do something in you. I know He does in me and is already working. The enemy is against us getting set free and I have had a rough time lately, I have been under attack like I don’t even know, so much so that I didn’t recognize myself. So, this tells me that this is worth it. Let’s not do this half way, let’s all dive in, get honest and real and be set free!

For Week 1: (This is the only week where we will start with the video first)

Philippians Bible Study:

  • Watch Session 1 Video (you can take notes on pg 29 of the study guide)
  • Complete Session 1 in the study guide


  • Read Chapters 1-3
  • Listen to ‘Made for This’ Podcast (Season 3) 01 – You are Not a Victim of Your Thoughts

We will have discussion on Zoom every Monday at 8:00pm and I will post questions in the FB Group for discussion on Mondays as well. We will keep each others’ stories and sharing confidential, we will rely on scripture for truth and we will not counsel each other. This is a place for confession, discovery and applying truth.

Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher

Click here for more info!

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