by Christy Hoagland

I’m always saying that words cannot adequately describe the things God allows us to witness inside the razor wire.  Seeing one broken and lost soul come to faith in Jesus is a miraculous sight to behold.  And yet, God continues to reach down and rescue man after man inside the prison walls and we get to be a part of it.  Mere words don’t say enough, mere words can’t make you feel enough, mere words can’t make you experience the wonder of seeing the power of God’s grace wash over a once condemned to hell man and give him life.  I wish I could describe what it is to look into a man’s hopeless eyes, see the transforming truth of the Gospel penetrate his heart, see the tears of repentance, and then look into those same eyes that are now filled with hope, with love for a Savior they had never known before, and a smile that is genuine.

Mere words cannot make you tired from traveling from one prison to the next or extremely vocally fatigued.  Words cannot tell you what it’s like to do 10 prison services in 8 different prisons in 9 days along with 2 other outside the razor wire services…or how much planning and behind the scenes work goes into bringing in equipment and guests…the list goes on and on.  Words cannot illustrate what it is to see God’s overwhelming presence in every single service and hundreds of men responding to the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ to be set free.

And mere words can’t sufficiently make you see how worth it, it is.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for every mile traveled, every opened door, and every heart You redeem.  YOU are worth it! YOU are worthy of it all!  Thank You for sending me. – Amen

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