by Christy Hoagland

How are you living for God’s Glory?

At one of our services this week a man asked us to pray for strength.  He has decided to close his case which means he is going to serve out the rest of his term without going before the parole board and trying to get out earlier.  Does that sound crazy?  For most, yes.  But he has Jesus and feels God calling him to stay…to stay and share the Gospel with the men he is incarcerated with.  What a testimony of faith and trust in our mighty God!  He admits there are times he struggles with this decision but knows this is what God has laid on his heart to do.  I am in awe of God’s marvelous work in this man’s life and thankful that I get to witness real change in the lives we are privileged to minister to.  All for His Glory!  That’s why we are here, living and breathing, for God’s Glory!  Deserving or not, I don’t know that I would be able to give up a possibility of an earlier out-date, freedom from incarceration.  Would I even consider it…for His Glory?

How are you living for God’s Glory?

We served in three prisons this past week, we saw 21 lives come to faith in Christ… countless more growing in their faith.  James gave a challenge at Algoa Friday night, to go out two by two and share the Gospel on the yard to which one man shouted “who’ll be my partner?!”  Many men came to the altar that night to start again, surrendering, trying to get it right and live sold out lives for Jesus.  They are praying for boldness and strength to share Jesus with gang bangers, drug dealers, and more… for – His – Glory!

How are you living for God’s Glory?

I want to live a life so saturated by the grace, love, and hope of Jesus that it spills out and over every single person I cross paths with.  I want to give up more and more of this life to live eternally.  And when people hear my name, they will think of Jesus and how I loved Him and served Him.  Although my best attempts are filthy rags and my feeble self struggles to overcome my own selfishness, I so desire to live for His Glory, to make Him known.  Help me, Jesus, to live my life all for Your Glory…

How are you living for God’s Glory?

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