Whether 8 men or 500, we are called to share the Gospel…even for one.  It’s all worth it!  Yesterday the Sing for the King ministry team had the great honor and privilege to minister at KCRC in Kansas City, MO.  This is a reentry prison housing less than 250 men.  We were invited to participate in a food event with eight men who have been faithful in attending chapel services in the past several months.  Eight men wanting to live for Jesus.  Eight men in a 16 x 18 room gathering to break bread together and worship Jesus – what a beautiful thing.  It was humbling and such a blessing to be a part this special service.

These men will be leaving prison soon, in 15 months or less (most 6 months or less).  They need the hope and power of Jesus in their lives to make it on the outside, they need encouraged, they need to be loved and feel loved.

One man will be going home after spending 29 years in prison…a lot of things have changed in the outside world, he is going to face difficulties and challenges.  He needs support, he needs encouragement.  He knows Jesus, pray for him.  Pray for all these men who are going back into society, they need your help not your judgment, they need your love, not your distance.  Come alongside them, lift them up in prayer, lend them a hand, teach them how to live for Jesus outside the razorwire.

Sing for the King,


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