My, Oh So, Talented Children

I know it’s okay for a mom to brag on her children, as a matter of fact it’s just natural. (To a certain extent…you don’t wanna be one of those moms that says her little Johnny will always be better than your child, and it turns out he is a holy terror. I’m just sayin’)Continue reading “My, Oh So, Talented Children”

10 Ways to Cure Stinky Rotten Smelling Feet

My son, Cameron, has the stinkiest feet! Last night he was sitting at the table doing homework when I walked in the room, YOWZA, they were bad! I said, “Man your feet stink!” Then my other son walked in and he too mentioned the hideous odor. Shortly after, Cameron too could no longer stand theContinue reading “10 Ways to Cure Stinky Rotten Smelling Feet”