The Difference Between 13 & 15 Year Old Boys

13 and 15…two years…doesn’t seem like much unless you’re a teenage boy. They are sooo different, of course they always have been due to their personalities and such but these stages in their lives are definitely at different ends of the spectrum. My oldest son, Christian, is 15 years old and he has a bonafideContinue reading “The Difference Between 13 & 15 Year Old Boys”

10 Ways to Cure Stinky Rotten Smelling Feet

My son, Cameron, has the stinkiest feet! Last night he was sitting at the table doing homework when I walked in the room, YOWZA, they were bad! I said, “Man your feet stink!” Then my other son walked in and he too mentioned the hideous odor. Shortly after, Cameron too could no longer stand theContinue reading “10 Ways to Cure Stinky Rotten Smelling Feet”