Monday Mentionables

Yesterday was truly a glorious day 🙂 Mondays for most are monotonous, irritating, and come too quickly. My Mondays as of late are filled with God’s touch. For the past few weeks, my friend Darlene and I have been visiting a young mother and have started a bible study with her on Monday mornings. It is amazing, seeing God working in her life and seeing God work in mine, making me love her more each time I see her…only God’s love can do that, not that she is unlovable, because she is far from that. She has a sweet personality, loves her children, and has been open to seeing what God has in store for her life. I feel unworthy to have been given this opportunity to see God’s wondrous working, to love, to minister, to witness and I am so thankful that He has chosen me for this.

Mondays, the first Monday of each month, we have cottage prayer meetings at a church member’s home. Last night it was at a dear old (mature) lady’s house. It brings closeness and unity. I usually sob and weep when I pray with these people, I’m sure some of them think I’m nuts and they would tell me like I have told them. We love to tease and I just can’t help myself. It is usually the same people that attend so we have gotten used to each other, ha, outside of God’s house. I have always hosted the December cottage prayer meeting because I love Christmas so and I love having people over. God’s presence was felt last night, He heard our petitions, he hears our petitions; what a blessing it is to gather together in prayer and praise to our Heavenly Father. What a gift…

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