Somedays are Sundays

Today is/was Sunday and it was a long one…but I love them! I love being in God’s house, worshipping Him through music, giving, the hearing of His word! Sunday School was amazing today, we are doing a discipleship class called “MasterLife”. There are four books, our Pastor is teaching the first one and then James and I are teaching the following three. Our Pastor will be in the class, so no pressure, right? Anyway, then morning worship…K.F.C. (Kids For Christ, not the chicken place) choir sang “My Savior My God”, children singing is one of the most beautiful, precious things on earth. Then an awesome message from our anointed, Holy Spirit filled Pastor.

Lunch at the In-Laws, they are wonderful, and then back to church at 2 pm for a baby shower. I figured I might as well stay in town today and live at church, no sense running home and back again. A parent meeting with our new Youth Pastor at 5 pm, it was phenomenal, I almost started to cry when he was talking about what he is going to be doing with our teenagers. I’m sure I will talk about this more later. 6 pm – choir practice, love it!, we are starting our patriotic cantata which this year will be actually on the 4th of July down at the harbor by the water, with an old fashioned church picnic complete with homemade ice cream! Can’t wait!

Well, next I just had to hold that baby, (that baby is Emma Grace) she is our Youth Pastor, Justin and his wife, Becky’s little one, three and a half months old and already loves me. I’m sure when she’s older she will prefer James, most kids do, teenagers too, probably because he is a big kid but I am going to relish the attention while I have it. Emma was just a cackling and having a great time and spit up all over my pants, I really didn’t care, I kept her still and even took her to the cry room at the back of the sanctuary. I was sitting there rocking her when I was asked to pray, lol, well soon they realized I wasn’t there and asked someone else. She was bein’ fussy and mom arrived to rescue her. The message was sooooo good tonight, it always is but tonight’s was about the Holy Spirit. I am just in awe that God sends us His Spirit to dwell in us when we accept Him. We forget that the same Holy Spirit that we read about in His word dwells in us, that we can accomplish great things for Him if we are willing and obedient and faithful. Thank you Lord for this truth, for Your truth.

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