My, Oh So, Talented Children

I know it’s okay for a mom to brag on her children, as a matter of fact it’s just natural. (To a certain extent…you don’t wanna be one of those moms that says her little Johnny will always be better than your child, and it turns out he is a holy terror. I’m just sayin’)

So here begins…

The above picture is of my oldest son, Christian, he is on the right and he is trying not to get blown off the Empire State Building. He went to New York in March with Madrigal, Warsaw High School’s top singing group. He went to contest at the end of March and received a 1 rating on his vocal solo and on a small ensemble at District contest. He performed yesterday at MU, he received a 2 on his vocal solo, yes it’s still good and he was bummed he didn’t get a 1 but as I reminded him that ‘we Praise Him when we win and we Praise Him when we lose’ he began to feel better (yes, that’s from Facing the Giants). Being a good mom requires vast knowledge in movie quotes. His small ensemble got a 1 which was very exciting, he was the only male vocalist to go to state this year for a solo and he is only a freshman, I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Now, Cameron, he is the one that looks like he is adjusting his glasses with his face.

Jr. High Music Contest was this past Tuesday, Cameron performed 8 times, yes 8 events. I bet you’re thinking that’s too many, and you are right, it is. It was a long night. He did very well, He sang with the Men’s choir and got a 1, he sang with the Mixed choir and got a 1, 7th grade band got a 1, one of his small vocal ensemble’s got a 1, he got a 2+ on his vocal solo which was in German…it sounded like he was going to hock a loogie but apparently that’s a good thing, he got a 2+ on his trumpet solo and he performed this after running down the hall after finishing a trumpet trio which got a 2, and he performed in a Men’s Sextet which also got a 2. Whew, it was fun though and I beamed with pride each time he took the stage, well, stood at the front of a classroom.

These boys are really somethin’ and they are growing up way too fast…*sniff* *little tear*

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