A Day’s Rantings and Such…

😦 I just don’t feel well today. The allergies are flaring up making me achy, giving me a sore throat, and a general ick like feeling. Today is the big “weigh in” day (always Thursdays) and I think I’ve done pretty well this past week. I have eaten decently, exercised but today I am starving…probably because I don’t feel good but I haven’t indulged too much, I just want to. Cameron was supposed to have a track meet this afternoon but it has been canceled due to rain, Christian still has a golf meet, it takes a torrential down pour to cancel those. I need to be working on VBS stuff, I was reminded yesterday that it is only 6 weeks away…YIKES! I have faith that it will all come together…but I do have to put some more effort into it and yes, I will I will.

Last week and this week, students are doing standardized testing and I have been called in to help. It hasn’t been that bad, I have gotten a lot of work done during this process because I really don’t do much, just monitor, sometimes read, I can’t really do too much because that is against the rules but a boy last week told me that his dog died of fleas and a broken leg and that he must have been dead a while because there were flies…okay, moving on.

Lots of bible studies going on and I love them, please Lord forgive me but I am tired. It’s just the flesh talking and the yucky feeling I have right now.
I have never been more sure of my purpose for Him, that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now. And I am grateful for every opportunity He gives me to share His love, I just feel icky today, did I mention that?

Tomorrow we will be off to a Bible Conference in Joplin which will be a blast especially if I start feeling better. Next week, substitute teaching Monday and Tuesday, Cameron has music contest after school on Tuesday, Christian has State Music Contest on Thursday, multiple golf meets, probably some track meets, and all the stuff in between. Also, did I mention I had to get my boys’ hair cut at 8:30 pm last night after church? Thankfully Angelia works hard too and she was still open and willing to do it that late at night. We just haven’t been able to get them there, do we need to slow down? Sometimes I think so and then sometimes I don’t, it will be summer soon but then that just means there are a whole new set of things and activities to do. As long as God is the priority the rest will all fall into place, thank You for this Lord 🙂 I’m feeling better already.

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