Your Whole Life – Week 10

This upcoming week’s challenge is about loving yourself and writing a list of ten things that are “good” about you. This can seem like a daunting, impossible task or a conceited task or that’s what I first though anyway. But when you look at who you are with Christ in your life it doesn’t seem daunting, impossible, or conceited. Because He is marvelous and amazing and perfect and He lives in me. He made me who I am, He grows and changes me every day when I am obedient to His calling and plan. It’s only gonna get better! So I challenge you to compile a list of ten “good” things about you.

Ten “Good” Things About Me
1. I am compassionate about people and their need for Jesus. I love people.
2. I am a good singer.
3. I am strong. (physically and spiritually)
4. I am a servant.
5. I feel beautiful, inside and out.
6. I help women with their spiritual growth and make them feel loved.
7. I am funny.
8. I am a hard worker.
9. I am not easily offended.
10. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

By the way, I feel great this week! I will weigh in tonight but I have lost almost 6 lbs and feel stronger and healthier.

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