Flea Market Finds

An odd bike…. and a carrot bowl???

Today, James and I stopped at a flea market in Springfield before we came home and found some very interesting items. Of course I had to take pics of some of the most bizarre.

This was my first find…a baby rattle in a package marked “Water Gun” for only 50 cents! I feel sorry for the little lad on a hot day that received this from a parent who inadvertently snatched it up due to the packaging. This is also available in baby blue.
Next up,


Who wouldn’t go for a Macrame owl in their living room or for carrying around a Macrame purse? I guess James wouldn’t…
My mom used to make floor to ceiling Macrame planters!

Remember the “Brady Bunch” when Greg got his own groovy room complete with beaded curtain doorway? I saw it today!

And oh the assortment of animal-like things…

And Scary Dolls!!! Every other booth had a naked barbie or two but this doll really creeped me out…Chuckie!!!

Somehow this workout video doesn’t get me motivated…even though Regis is probably 120 years old.

Well, in the end I found a picture of the fruits of the spirit for $4.95 that I bought.

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