Turkeys for Turkeys

Youth Turkey Season is here! Both of my boys went spring turkey hunting this year. This was Cameron’s first year to go turkey hunting. In year’s past Christian has went with James only to come home empty handed. I too have been hunting with James and have been unsuccessful. This is still a mystery, I don’t want to lay blame on my husband but it is highly suspicious. I only know that my husband walks me all over creation, uses several different devices to call in ‘Big Toms’ (that’s man turkey hunting talk for puffy adult male turkeys), and makes me be quiet and still for many long spans at a time. I haven’t been on any sort of hunt in quite a long time, a few years I believe and I really have no desire to again. Huh? Well anyway, back to the children.
Since both of the boys wanted to hunt this year James got a friend from church (another macho man hunter and his name is James as well, funny) to take Christian hunting and James, my James, would take Cameron. James, ha, took Cameron to a huge piece of property to seek out the eluding turkey. James called in the big one and Cameron shot and missed, blamed his father and came home pitifully. Of course, their version of the story is much more vibrant with turkey sounding details and such.
Christian had a different experience. Christian has been hunting with James, dad James, for the past few years and yes, has been outsmarted by the birds or who knows maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. This year, however, he hunted with James, the other James, and came home with a decent size Jake (that’s man hunting turkey talk for adolescent male turkey and not quite so puffy). He was so proud that he finally had gotten his bird!

Isn’t he adorable? Yes, Christian too.

Of course Cameron is now really bummed because he missed his turkey (still blaming dad) and his brother had gotten one. So the next morning, James and James, both take Cameron out to see if they together can call in something for Cameron to shoot. They have limited time due to it being Sunday morning and having to get ready for church, I on the other hand felt free to sleep in, a luxury I rarely have. I wake around 7:00 am (yes, this is sleeping in) and hear the front door open, I am asked to come see what the youngest boy of ours has accomplished in the early morn. I throw on my robe and slippers and head down the stairs and then think and say out loud “James is out there! I am a mess!” Yes, church friend James is outside. I walk to the door mumbling “I am so humble”… To make a long story longer, Cameron got a Jake as well, the beard was a little bigger (oh you know he rubbed it in) and all was well at the Hoagland house.

We all made it to church on time, early even, and looking marvelous…

Do you know what you find in your bathroom with a house full of hunters???

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