I Love Coffee!!!

I admit it…I am addicted to coffee, I love it! Although I can drink it black I prefer the yumminess of flavored creamer, Hazelnut, caramel, chocolate mint, the list goes on and on! I usually have two (big) cups every morning. Oh, there are those that say they love coffee but have they proven just how much? What would you do to savor the flavor of your delicious cup of joe? Here is my example: Since the weather has been so nice lately I decided to take my marvelous mug of joy to the small deck we have upstairs, it is a lovely setting to just sit and relax and enjoy God’s creation and a good cup of coffee. I set my coffee mug on a small end table and dashed back inside to grab something, upon my return I noticed our cat with front paws on the end table standing on his hind legs taking a couple dainty sips or licks of my coffee! “SCAT CAT!” I yelled. But nevertheless, I was not about to waste a perfectly good, or slightly tainted, cup of coffee. It tasted fine to me. I haven’t noticed anything weird. Not to mention, it tasted fine to me and I haven’t noticed anything weird. 😉

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