Selfish Sally

Selfish Sally is most of us. She goes around only concerned with her own life, her own kids, family, her own job, friends, activities. Oh, her intentions are good, they are worthwhile but she just doesn’t get it. She may weep when she hears a sad story about someone in need, a lost child, a homeless family, a horrific event…but what does she do? She may see the needs in people’s lives, the hurts. She cries, she hopes, wishes someone will do something to help the people so desperate for love, peace, hope.

Lord, help me to not be so involved in my own life, my own affairs, even my own ministries that I don’t reach out to the people around me. Help me to really see people, see inside their hearts – pay attention to their actions and words and to simply love them, do something for them, show them Your love. Convict me Lord when I fail at this, help me to be broken for people, to show compassion to those who need it most, to those who everyone passes by, writes off, ignores…help me not to be Selfish Sally.

*If your name happens to be Sally you may substitute Susie, Sara, Shaniqua, whatever you like…

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